Lumban Farm and Resort Preservation (Land Trust Initiative)

 Ricefields of the Lumban Farm and Resort
Ricefields of the Lumban Farm and Resort, just after rice harvesting. Scenic backgrounds include Mt. Banahaw,Mt. Makiling and the Caliraya Reservoir and Dam.

One of the fond memories I have going to school at UP Los Banos was the subtle scent of fresh rice permeating the early morning from the ripening grains in the farm fields along the express highway leading to Los Banos.

Fast forward to the present, the exploding population of the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila and the adjacent regions, transformed almost all of the farm fields  and to an extent forest lands into urban sprawl of industrial parks, housing developments, commercial shopping and entertainment centers,  more roads, etc. with no apparent  well-planned regional and long term development plans. This transformation is true especially in the regions of CALABARZON and Central Luzon, closest to Metro Manila. However, similar trends (in a slower pace) are evident in almost all regions in the Philippines.

Swimming pool in the resort portion of the property.


The Lumban Farm and Resort is quite close to the capital of Laguna (Santa Cruz), and tourist destinations, like the Pagsanjan Falls, Caliraya Reservoir and Dam. and other cultural and historic destinations in Laguna

Main rest house of the resort surrounded with mango trees.
Main rest house of the resort surrounded with mango tree.  The main rest house is part of the amenities provided to groups that would rent the main Reception Hall of resort for private gatherings.


 Reception Hall
The main Reception Hall of the resort used for social gatherings (family or group reunions, birthday and wedding parties, graduation celebration, class reunions, etc.)

Picnic Huts The Picnic Huts near the main Reception Hall may be used by visitors renting the resort for private gatherings.

 Traditional style huts
Traditional style huts in the resort may be resnted individually by visitors.


Working Farm
View from the swimming pool with the Caliraya Reservoir and Dam in the background. There are high end resorts in the Caliraya mountains.  This resort however would be more for those who would prefer privacy for their family or group gatherings.


Working Farm. The major portion of the Lumban Farm and Resort is mainly a working farm, planted mainly with rice at least twice a year. There is an abundant supply of rain in the Lumban area; however, the farm is equipped also with artesian well with motorized pumps to supplement the water for rice field irrigation. 

There is a smaller orchard portion adjacent to or integrated with the resort area.  There is also a fishpond area and canal (although this has not been stocked recently).

Our goal is to preserve this farm and resort. In the distant future, it may be the only farm in existence in the metropolis that Metro Manila-CALABARZON would become.

You may help us realize this dream and have fun doing so by renting the resort for your family or group gatherings.

 Land Trust Initiative