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Cadu Farm 01 Projects : Canals and Local Irrigation System

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The Canals and Local Irrigation System (shown below with arrows in Fig. 01) are among the proposed integrated Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects:

  • Water Sequestration Ponds (visit separate article)
  • Canals and Local Irrigation System
  • Locks and Organic Dams  (visit separate article)

Canals and Local Irrigation System
Fig. 01. Canals and Local Irrigation System. The Yellow arrows point to the long main canals (North to South orientation) while the Red-Orange arrows point to the distribution canals (East to West orientation). Not shown in the schematic map are the much narrower canals that connect the Local irrigation system to the Water Sequestration Ponds.  Fig. 02 presents the bare sc

The  Canals and Local Irrigation System, like veins and arteries of the blood circulation system of the human body, serve as the initial and main conduits for the integrated rainwater sequestation process (proposed here) that subsequently are stored in the Water Sequestration Ponds (visit separate article).  

Locks and Organic Dams  (visit separate article) not only regulate water flow and direction in the resulting Local Irrigation System but also segregate the system into smaller "segregated units" to allow for more independent and multiple utilization of the canals and water sequestration ponds for aquaponics, crop production ecosystems, etc.

Not included (or not so apparent) in the schematic map (Fig 01 above), are related Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects: 

  • Kahon-kahon
  • Micro-irrigation system
  • Evapo-transpiration minimization
  • Sub-surface (underground) water storage

to enhance the ability of the land to store in place as much, if not all, of the rainwater during the rainy season -- for use later during the dry season; and, especially during the occurrence of El Nino when prolonged dry season and drought occur for a period between several months to as long as two years.

The Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects are among the foundation projects of the EcoCulture System to create a biodiverse and sustainable food production system (see Fig. 03 for other proposed EcoCulture projects).

Fig. 02

 Fig. 03. Cadu Farms Projects.