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Cadu Farm 01 Projects : Locks and Organic Dams

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 Locks and Organic Dams

The Locks and Organic Dams have pivotal roles in the localized water distribution throughout the farm, localized water sequestration, water recycling. treatment and conservation.

Locks and Organic Dams 
Fig. 01. Locks and Organic Dams (shown with arrows above). There is one "lock organic dam" at the intersection of meeting canals (see the Green Squares with Red arrows above). The Yellow Squares (with Green arrows) are representations of small organic dams to regulate water flow from a higher to lower elevation (see lateral view of Farm 01 just below the main top view image of the farm).

The Locks and Organic Dams (shown  below with arrows in Figure 01) are among the proposed integrated Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects:

  1. Water Sequestration Ponds (visit separate article)
  2. Canals and Local Irrigation System   (visit separate article)
  3. Locks and Organic Dams

Not included in the schematic map above, are related Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects, like

  1. Kahon-kahon  (visit separate article)
  2. Micro-irrigation system (visit separate article)
  3. Evapo-transpiration minimization  (visit separate article)
  4. Sub-surface (underground) water storage  (visit separate article)

The Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects proposed here are among the foundation projects of the EcoCulture System to create a biodiverse and sustainable food production system from the existing Cadu Farms in Ilagan, Isabela.

Schematic Map of Cadu Farm 01
Fig. 02. Schematic Map of Cadu Farm 01.



Cadu Farm 01 Projects
Fig. 03. Cadu Farm 01 Projects