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The Ducks are coming!

Ducks wading in the canal adjacent the ricefield

Quite often, we think of high tech approaches when imagine what "Biological Pest Control" might be. In fact, biological pest control is intrinsic component of natural ecosystems and has been integrated in low tech agriculture.

Here, ducks are used to help eradicate snails that invade rice fields and destroy the plants. This is specially problematic in this farm because the irrigation water comes directly from the creek.

Ducks in the ricefield.

One of our projects would be to develop more low tech modes of "filter screening" the water coming from the creek to minimize unwanted pest and microorganisms from infecting the water used for irrigation. We aim to modify the "Biosand" technology developed in Canada used to prepare "clean drinking water" from polluted water - using several layers starting with very fine sand at the top to course gravel at the very bottom.

[Inser video here']

The challenge in our project is how to scale up the water purification process to the high volume needed for farm irrigation.

[More later.