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Are there really more than 3 million hectares of irrigated rice fields in the Philippines? - Eco-Friendly Irrigation Systems

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Eco-Friendly Irrigation Systems

Our own proposed projects will explore how to "irrigate" the remaining 8.0Mha of the 9.7Mha agricultural lands in the Philippines that remain unirrigated -- using techniques and technologies powered with sustainable energy sources that would be much less expensive construct and operate than conventional irrigation systems. 

When water is made available throughout the year, rice production can be doubled or even tripled (based on yield potential of more recent rice varieties).


With recent progress in aerobic rice (see inverted red triangle Fig. rice strains that do not require flood irrigation, developed by  the IRRI consortium, and by research in China), ecosystem intensification may double rice production and at the same time, in between rice cultivation use the same land to raise other short season crops. This will not only increase food production, not just rice but other crops using the same land area; but, more important.

 Article write up in progress.