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El Niño - La Niña and Rainfall or Lack Thereof - Limits to Growth

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 Limits to Growth

These observations in the previous sections raise the question:

  1. How can ALL the excess rainwater during the rainy season be harvested, treated, and stored for use during the dry season -- for human consumption, farm production, livestock husbandry, and, aquaculture? 
  2. Will there be enough water in the event of a very strong and prolonged El Niño?

Finding the answers and solutions to this question is one of the main long term goals of  Kalikasan-Philippines.


This is crucial because the Philippines now has a population of more than 100 million, that may grow further to 170-200 million within this century. 


Historical and Projected Population Growth of the Philippines
Fig. 03. Historical and Projected Population Growth of the Philippines.


Unfortunately, the Philippines has a land area of just about 30 million hectares.  


Agricultural Lands Changes-1960-2002
Agricultural Lands Changes-1960-2002