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El Niño - La Niña and Rainfall or Lack Thereof - 2014 El Niño?

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 2014-2015 El Niño?

As it turned out, the much anticipated El Niño has so far not developed or behaved as forecasters predicted, and may eventually become part of the continuum of the long La Nada; or perhaps the other term, El Limbo. This blog tries to rationalize why the predictions did not pan out

Do recent global precipitation anomalies resemble those of El Niño? 

One of the culprits is that the atmospheric conditions in the Pacific Ocean did not cooperate or react as it should to the observed sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies in the Niño3.4 region, an equatorial zone of the Pacific Ocean that is extensively monitored to gather evidence for some of the parameters to predict an El Niño event. Watch the video in:

November Climate Briefing: El Limbo 

and this article 

January ENSO update: The little engine that couldn't quite


El Niño and Rainfall
El Niño and Rainfall. Expected rainfall and dry weather pattern worldwide during an El Niño.