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Rice Production, Supply, Imports, Exports and Consumption in the Philippines (1960-2014) - Copyright, Citations, Tags and Data Sources

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Copyright, Citation, Tags and Data Sources

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Rice, Production, Supply, Imports, Exports, Consumption, Philippines, 1960-2014, milled rice, paddy rice, palay, food security, food production, sustainability, carrying capacity, limits to growth, population growth, ecosystem intensification, waste, Population, organic agriculture, agroforestry, permaculture, irrigation, micro-irrigation, in situ irrigation, local irrigation, drip irrigation, water sources, evaporation, groundwater, percolation, rainwater harvesting, post-harvest losses, rice drying, rice dryer, sun-drying, climate, weather, climate change, global warming, typhoons, El Niño and La Niña, flash flood, drought, dry season, rainy season, soil erosion, water erosion, deforestation, sustainable energy sources, biomass, solar, wind 

Data Sources: The data used in the calculations to prepare the graphs were based mainly from the:

In other graphs (not shown here), we used the data from the Bureau of Agriculture Statistics (BASTAT).  However, the information provided by BASTAT did not include the rice supply, consumption, imports and exports to correlate with the data on rice production in the Philippines. Thus, in this article, we relied mainly on the USDA archived data to prepare the graphs shown here. The population data from the various agencies listed were use in related calculations and graphs presentation presented in separate articles.