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Farmers' Plight

 Growing up in Ilagan, Isabela, I have always wondered even when I was a young boy why the farm crops are dying during the summer season, even in fields just above the river banks. So, I dreamed of cheap bamboo pumps that will bring the water up to the farms above the river banks. [I learned later on in college that I "re-invented" the perpetual motion engine to power my bamboo pumps.] 

East of the Eugenio-Magano Farm 03
East of the Eugenio-Magano Farm 03. 

What I learned later on was that farm crops dying during the summer, was not solely because there are no pumps, nor because there is not much rain during the dry season but more linked to socio-economic issues including the question of who owns the farm lands.

So, while in college, I spent a few summer camps in the island of Mindoro to help advocate for farmers' right to own their lands (and almost got killed in the process). Later on I realized that even with land reform, the individual farmers on their own are quite vulnerable due to risks inherent with farming -- drought, flood, pestilence as well a family issues  -- that could endanger those farmers who happened to have been fortunate to finally own their land.