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Manayan Farm, Malalam, Ilagan

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Hilltop, Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Farm 03 Cadu, Ilagan

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Urban Farm/Garden

When we hear or read the terms "farm or garden", we think of a plot of land, perhaps even farm animals or machineries needed to cultivate the plot of land.  In the cities and other urban areas of the Philippines, land is very costly and may not be available at all.  

Pasig River, Manila by yougottadance[Pasig River, Manila by yougottadance (Martin Kendall). Taken from Fort Santiago in Intramuros, looking out to Binondo.]

If you live in a high rise building, then land farming or  "ground-based" gardening is not an option.

So, we have to be more imaginative and creative to create our "Urban Farm or Garden".