Kalikasan Philippines

Manayan Farm, Malalam, Ilagan

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Farm 04, Cadu, Ilagan

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Hilltop, Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Cadu, Ilagan Farm 03

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Property near IDGH

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Picky goats

Goats allowed to forage freely at the hilltop with several randomly growing grass species and cassava to choose. Like every animal given a choice, they select the softer and smoother  cover grass over the cassava. They declined to feed on the cut leaves of Vetiver.


 Ruminants, like goats, cows, carabaos, horses, she eps, rabbits, etc. play significant roles in Ecoculture.




The compound stomach of ruminants is the ecosystem of diverse groups of microorganisms that are able to digest celluloses and lignins, substrates that constitute the bulk of plants, and many of the substrate considered waste in farming. Their manures of ruminants include diverse populations of microorganisms that in turn are critical in digesting cellulose and lignin rich agricultural waste products.


In Vermivulture, earthworms are added to mixtures of dead plant materials mixed with manure of ruminants to convert agriculture farm waste to vermicompost.



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Photos by Dhom and Jun