Kalikasan Philippines

Exploring the Possibilities for the Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farm

Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farm

This was my second visit (since I arrived in March 2014) to the Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farm owned by the Pascual Family. We planned to buy the adjacent farm from a rural bank but could not agree on the fair price for the farm.  We bought a part of the Pascual Farm instead while we continue to negotiate with the bank.

For the Ecoculture project we are initiating, this particular location in Santo Tomas Naguilian was very promising because of the

  • diversity in its terrain - there are flat lands, serpentine rice fields, rolling hills, very steep creek banks, biodiverse areas that serve also as windbreaks
  • the Mallig creek runs at the Southern boundary of the farm
  • large forested area
  • pioneer plants already in existence or cultivated

Our core team of volunteers (that means they have not been paid yet) have been to the farm numerous times, to

  • negotiate the purchase of the farm from the bank and from the Pascual Family
  • take photos of the property
  • initiate our Vetiver grass project
  • supervise the construction of an artesian well
  • prepare the "Goat hotel"
  • setup the Carbonized Rice Hull
  • and more

However, trying to visualize the entirety of the farm was difficult just by looking at the individual photos, even after several hundreds of them having been taken.

[More later.]