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PIGS: Babuyang Walang Amoy

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 PIGS - Profitable Innovative Growing System. The PIGS method to grow pigs was developed by PRO Natural Feed Corporation, a commercial feed producer (brand FeedPRO). There is a slant therefore to promote their products. Having disclosed this, there is prudence in their guidelines with respect to observe ecosystems principles in growing pigs. For example, the refrain from using antibiotics in their hog production.

How To Set Up P.I.G.S. Babuyang Walang Amoy (Updated). .

 In brief: 

  • Indigenous materials -- use available materials to reduce cost
  • East-West orientation of the major dies -- provides sunlight (Vitamin D)
  • Air circulation -- do not block sidings with high walls that will prevent free flow of air
  • Wading area -   One (1) meter width. Controlled water level depending on the age of the animal. Clean thoroughly and regularly; when conditioned, the pigs will use the area not only to clean themselves but may also defecate and urinate in this area; thus, it must be cleaned everyday. [View the wastewater treatment proposed in the updated video.]
  • Rice hull bedding -- use up to two (2) feet of rice hull. Keep for the whole growing season. Remove any animal waste in this area.  Add more rice hull as needed.  
  • Natural Feeds -- organic sources, no antibiotics added, no animal source additives
  • Feed fermentation -- increases the digestibility of the feed mixture.
  • Fixed (narrow) dimension of the feeding trough -- this will condition the pigs not to use this area except for feeding.
  • Integrated food production

The dimensions of the housing compartments were slightly larger compared with earlier versions of this series. The guidelines create a pig housing that considers the nature of pigs, e.g., their nature to dig the soil, wallow in a wading pond to clean up keep cool, etc.  The construction features suggested include the construction of a wallowing pond and the restriction of the feed and drinking water troughs.

This version includes also a wastewater treament (filtration) system to process the water coming from the wading area of the pig pens. The wastewater treatment system is similar to the BioSand system, except activated carbon is added as a layer in the treatment process.  In part this is due to the high organic content of the waste.