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Near IDGH, Ilagan

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Malalam, Ilagan

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Before the rain comes

Jojo and Jovy Caday Figarola were kind enough to donate two dump tracts of carbonized rice hull and rice hull ash, a by-product of rice grain drying component of the JCF Rice Mill in Centro San Antonio, Ilagan.  [Fifteen hundred recycled bags came with the donation also.]

The rains of May, while still sporadic and far in between downpours, have started; however when they come they pour with a vengeance.  Here the  carbonized rice hull and rice hull ash were bagged and carried for storage in the nearby "kamalig".

Bagging the carbonized rice hull and rice hull ash turned out to be very costly and time consuming, and won't be economically viable considering that we may need hundreds of truckloads of the CRH-RHA to enrich the eroded land.


Photos by Dhom Pascual.

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