Kalikasan Philippines

Typhoon Juan (Megi)

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Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Manayan Ricefields

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As far as the eye can see

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Malalam, Ilagan

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Towards the Creek

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Cadu, Ilagan Farm 03

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Pascual Farm

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Manayan Farms

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Somewhere only we know!

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Potential of Mandarin Citrus Trees as Windbreaks

Present survival of mandarin (most survived) and rambutan (more than 80% loss)  after typhoon Juan in 2010.  This is a stub 

Role of Windbreaks.


Like many agricultural farms in Isabela, Cagayan Valley and many parts of the Philippines, the corn and rice fields are essentially devoid of trees 


[Present Ecoculture Projects here]

Ecosystem Intensification (Biodiversity):

Multiple cropping

Companion planting

Multilayer and multi-row windbreaks. Deep-rooted trees and shrubs. Pliable plants like bamboo.


This is a stub. [1st draft, text not complete, complete figure text, metadata, etc.]

Photos by Jun Guarin and CGC. Copyright ©2014 Kalikasan Philippines.