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Cadu, Ilagan Farm 03

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Proposed Main Water Sequestration Pond in Farm 03, Cadu, Ilagan

There is a great certainty that the onset of  El Niño may occur between July to September 2014. El Niño will trigger hot weather and less rain that  subsequently lead to drought in the Philippines. From past occurrences, El Nino may last for several months to almost two years. Such prolonged drought would devastate agriculture and impact water availability for human, industrial and economic consumption.

Lowland area near the centrall portionion of Cadu Farm 03
Fig. 01. Lowland area near the central portionion of Cadu Farm 03

One of our major projects focuses on water sequestration into ponds to mitigate the impact of El Niño. Even in the absence of El Niño, the long dry season and hot summers in many regions of the Philippines require the availability of ample supply of water.

Water Sequestration in Farm 03 

 In our Ecoculture projects, the locations of the water sequestration ponds will consider the terrain, existing vegetations, soil characteristics and other features of the land. The three Farms (Farm 01 to Farm 03) of the Eugenio-Magano Family are contiguous and the fourth farm (Farm 04) is near enough to treat the four farms as integrated ecosystems unit in regard the development of the water sequestration ponds.  The focus here will be water sequestration in Farm 03.

Fig 02 is a cropped portion of a 180-degree panoramic view (Fig. 01) taken from the Eastern side of the central portion of Cadu Farm 03. The left side reveals a few of the Mandarine citrus trees in the Southern Citrus Grove of the farm.  The land on the left side is only slightly higher than the flat area in the central portion of the farm. It is quite apparent however that the background (Wester side) terrain, consisting of several undulating hills, is much more elevated. The right (Northern part) of Farm 03 is also elevated compared with the central portion of farm 03.

Detail of the lowland area near the Central portion of Farm 03
Firg. 02. Detail of the lowland area near the Central portion of Farm 03.

Fig. 02 reveals the partially elevated barangay road that separates Farm 03 from the elevated rolling hills across the road. There is also a drainage system (near the middle of Fig. 02) to allow gravitational flow of excess rainwater coming from the road and from the elevated hills from across the road.







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