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Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Manayan Ricefields

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As far as the eye can see

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Malalam, Ilagan

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Towards the Creek

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Cadu, Ilagan Farm 03

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Pascual Farm

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Manayan Farms

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Sketch and DENR Maps of Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms

Early sketch map of the Santo Tomas Farms
Fig.01. Early sketch map and annotations of the Santo Tomas Farms prepared by Julius Apostol Buggay. 

 Sketch Map. The remote location of our experimental farms in Santo Tomas, Naguilian limits the ability of our volunteers to visit the farms for more detailed cartography. The land area covered isabout 10.8 hectares. The sketch map was prepared mainly to provide a more objective demarcation of the boundaries of the land purchased from the Pascual Family.

The sketch map and annotations (Fig. 01) prepared above by Julius were based largely from several site visits, several hundred of images, videos taken by a number of our volunteers (by Mitch Apostol Buggay, Julius and Jane Apostol for the early photos; samples shown here), help from Mang Brillante Pascual and the cadastral coordinates.

Fig. 02. Rolling hills and dense and biodiverse vegetation dominate

As shown here and in other reports, the above skectch map must be treated as historical version of our impression of the farms, that will continue to evolve as we begin to know more about the farms. 

Fig. 04. Flat lands between converging rolling hills serve as reservoirs for runoff water during the rainy season; thus, converted to rice fields. The availability of water year round from Mallig Creek, allows irrigation of the flat lands even during the dry season, so that they are also planted with rice rather than other summer crops. 


DENR Map of the Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms
Fig. 05. DENR Map of the Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms.  The DENR maps


Fig. 06. Gently sloping rolling hills planted with either corn or cassava.  From our more recent site visits, quite a number of these gently rolling hills are almost flat near the foot of the hills so that they may be terrace to retain more water and used as rice fields.

Because of the vast area, and complex terrain surveyed only a few times during the rainy season, it was quite difficult to get a more precise sketch map (Fig. 01)  of the two adjacent farms. We are now reconciling the data gathered and used in the first map to prepare a more precise sketch map using the more precise boundaries of the DENR map.

More recently, we have added an iPhone 5s (to take 180-degree images) plus two high end Nikon cameras in our arsenal for image gathering. These greatly accelerates our image gathering and documentation of the developments of our projects.


Photos by Mitch, Julius and Jane. Photo copyright ©2013 by Kalikasan Philippines.