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Preliminary Assessment of the Banks of Mallig Creek

Fig. 01.  Light and deep violet swaths indicate existing land collapse or potential soil erosion due to lack of ground cover and steep areas along the creek banks. Light green indicates the presence of vegetation but may not  be sufficient to prevent soil erosion or land collapse.

The water in Mallig Creek is brown in color.  This indicates significant bank erosion and soil erosion in areas that empty their rainwater into the creek. We have undertaken preliminary survey of the extent of potential soil erosion and land collapse in the Santo Tomas farms slated for our EcoCulture projects. This assessment will be used to design remediation approaches to avert further erosion in the Santo Tomas farms.

Our goal is to design EcoCulture techniques including the use of pioneer plants that will aid to create the environment that will pave the ground for more stable succession to mature and biodiverse ecosystem.

[Show sample images here with some explanations, especially the eroded area (shown in violet), including its impact on the EcoCulture projects.. Database of ALL images will be placed in an archived website to be viewed only by the Core team.] 

DENR Map. The cropped map included in the above image was from a larger DENR map purchased more recently by the Pascual Family.

Images for this project:

Most of the images for our assessment of the Mallig Creek were taken by Dhom Pascual (using the Nikon 7000 camera using a 12-24 wide angle lens).  Jun Guarin and Julius Apostol Buggay have used either the Nikon camera or the iPhone 5s to get other perspectives, including 180-degree images (using the iPhone). Earlier photos taken in 2013 were by Mitch Apostol Buggay, Julius and Jane Apostol.

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