Manayan Farm, Malalam, Ilagan

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Farm 04, Cadu, Ilagan

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Hilltop, Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Cadu, Ilagan Farm 03

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Santo Tomas, Naguilian, Checkered DENR Map for Geolocation Tagging

There are now more than a thousand images for the Santo Tomas Farms EcoCulture projects alone. And there will be more photos, as more EcoCulture projects start and the observations documented,  Proper geolocation tagging would improve the utility of the images. This data will be used by the Design and Engineering Team as well as the Research Team for experimental design and documentation of studies.

Cropped DENR Map of Santo Tomas, Naguilian with Checker Grids
Fig. 01. Cropped DENR Map of Santo Tomas, Naguilian with Checker Grids

Most of the archived data will be available only, on as need basis to appropriate team members. However, some will be presented here.

This checkered map is intended mainly for the Core Team -- if you have the appropriate computer, request a larger version of the map.

 How to Use this Map for Geolocation Tagging

  • Please note the "A to O" labels for the vertical direction, and "1-19" labels for the horizontal direction.
  • Each square therefore would have an alphabet and numeric code.  
  • For example, the Cadastral number "39" near the bottom of the Mallig Creek has a GEolocation tag comprising of the letter "O" and the number "5", or Gelocation code of "O5".

Geolocation tags of Mallig Creek as shown in the DENR Map

The Mallig Creek as shown above would have G1-H1 to N19-O19 as the ends as Geolocation tags.  

[Quiz: As a learning process, try to define the Geolocation tags of the twist and turns of the Mallig Creek. (Provide answer in a separate section.)]

Geolocation Tags of Images from Photo Shoots

Scenic view of Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms
Fig. 02. Scenic view of Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms taken from Point A, identified in the correspondence of Mitch. Photo by Mitch Apostol Buggay.

The Geolocation tags is even more complex for images, especially scenery images, like the one shown in Fig.02. Some of the landmarks may even be outside of the cropped DENR map shown in Fig. 01. One way to tag this would be to specify landmarks, e.g, dominant and identifiable trees (marked with arrows).

Fig. 02 also shows the cassava plantation that may be identified in other images taken (e.g., Fig. 03 below) and a landmark area of the RBS Farm that identifies the low inclined hill that dominates the property.

Fig. 03. Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms with low inclination area and cassava plantation. Photo by Mitch Apostol Buggay.

The images in Figs. 02 and 03 above include also areas that serve as:

  • windbreaks
  • low inclined areas that may be suitable for terracing
  • riverine areas that would be associated with the vegetation along the banks of Mallig Creek
  • areas of ongoing EcoCulture projects (Vetiver Nursery, Vetiver plantation, Vermiculture, Rice Hull Carbonizing Aread, Goat House, and more)
  • serpentine rice fields
  • local canal systems
  • etc.

These features should be identified to improve the details of the preliminary sketch map shown in Fig 04, and to be added in the more precision map using Fig. 05.

Question: Is it possible to convert the iPhone geolocation tag to GPS coordinates?

Julius Apostol Buggay (JAB) Sketch Map

Until a better terrain map is prepared from the archived images, please refer to the JAB Sketch Map (Fig. 04) for reference:

Sketch Map of the Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms by Julius Apostol Buggay.Fig. 04. Sketch Map of the Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms by Julius Apostol Buggay. The sketch map summarizes our understanding of the various subsections of the Santo Tomas from a number of site visits and in consultation with Mang Brillante Pascual. It includes the demarcation of the land bought initially from the Pascual family and the location planted with Vetiver.

 However, reconcile the JAB Map with the cropped DENR map (shown in Fig. 05 below)

Fig. 05. Cropped DENR Map of Santo Tomas, Naguilian. This reference map will be used to prepare more detailed map using the Geolocation tag images gathered so far to assist in the design and engineering of the Ecoculture projects planned once available funds become available.

Mang Brilliante Pascual must be consulted for final confirmation of the geolocation tags. Dhom Pascual, who has taken many of the images and is quite familiar with the case would be an alternative consultant for the geolocation tagging.

 Text first draft by CGC. Photo copyright ©2013-2014 by Kalikasan Philippines. All rights reserved.