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Manayan Farm, Malalam, Ilagan

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Farm 04, Cadu, Ilagan

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Hilltop, Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Cadu, Ilagan Farm 03

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Property near IDGH

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Multi-chamber "water filtration" system

This conceptual gadget came from the challenge to "purify" water from dubious sources, e.g., water from creek or canal water collected from rainwater runoff. Porous  barriers may be placed in between chambers to trap or exclude or minimize undesirable organisms, objects or substances from moving from one chamber to the next

 The schematic presentation appears as a gadget, bu it could be adapted also as a larger scale environmental engineering design. For example terraced land with embankments or "vetiver porous gates". In this larger scale, Vetiver rafts or purifiers like water hyacinth, and other aquatic plants may be added in the design to purify the water.

 Relate to water sequestration ponds and filtration systems used.


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