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Cadu Farm 01 Projects : Water Sequestration Ponds

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The Water Sequestration Ponds (shown with arrows below) are among the proposed integrated Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects:

  • Water Sequestration Ponds  (visit separate article)
  • Canals and Local Irrigation System  (visit separate article)
  • Locks and Organic Dams  (visit separate article)

Water Sequestration Ponds
Fig. 01. Farm 01 Water Sequestration Ponds (shown with arrows above). The upper schematic map shown above is a top schematic view of Farm 01 with the proposed immediate and long terms projects to convert the Candu farm 01 into a sustainable and biodiverse EcoCulture food production ecosystem. Fig. 02 below is a schematic representation of the lateral view of Farm 01 in Cadu, Ilagan. 

Not included (or not so apparent) in the schematic map (Fig 01 above), are related Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects: 

  • Kahon-kahon (visit separate article)
  • Micro-irrigation system (visit separate article)
  • Evapo-transpiration minimization (visit separate article)
  • Sub-surface (underground) water storage (visit separate article)

to enhance the ability of the land to store in place as much, if not all, of the rainwater during the rainy season -- for use later during the dry season; and, especially during the occurrence of El Nino when prolonged dry season and drought occur for a period between several months to as long as two years.

The Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects are among the foundation projects of the EcoCulture System to create a biodiverse and sustainable food production system.