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Manayan Farm, Malalam, Ilagan

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Hilltop, Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Farm 03 Cadu, Ilagan

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PIGS: Babuyang Walang Amoy


 PIGS - Profitable Innovative Growing System. The PIGS method to grow pigs was developed by PRO Natural Feed Corporation, a commercial feed producer (brand FeedPRO). There is a slant therefore to promote their products. Having disclosed this, there is prudence in their guidelines with respect to observe ecosystems principles in growing pigs.

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Red Tilapia Culture in Taal Lake

Nothing compares with the "giant" tilapia grown wild in the lakes of Occidental Mindoro when I was there for two summer camps while in college.  I called them giants because they were huge compared to the tilapia we used to buy while I was in high school in Metro Manila.  Once in while, I buy tilapia at the Asian store here in Boston, while they taste better tjam the tilapia I had in high school, the raste does not compare with the wild tilapia I had eaten while in Mindoro.

Red Tilapia Culture in Taal Lake
Red Tilapia Culture in Taal Lake

These days most tilapia sold in the market are grown in fish ponds. The black Nile tilapia has become a staple in Filipino diet. It is cheaper than pork or beef and even chicken meat. The videos introduce the Red Tilapia, right now grown mostly in Taal Lake in fish cages. 

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