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Manayan Farm, Malalam, Ilagan

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Farm 04, Cadu, Ilagan

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Hilltop, Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Cadu, Ilagan Farm 03

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Property near IDGH

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Design and Engineering

Integrated schematic map of Farm 01 to Farm 03 in Cadu, Ilagan

The area in Cadu where the Eugenio-Magano Family farms is located is quite far from any surface source of water (creeks, revers, etc.), Thus, farming in the area is very much dependent on rainwater that is abundant only during the rainy season; and whatever water may be extracted from the subsurface. 

Planned Ecoculture Projects
Planned Ecoculture Projects.


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Large scale bio-filtration systems

Fig. 01. Water filtration system. The water filtration system separates the "dirty" pond (Pond 1) from the main water sequestration pond (Pond 2)

 This filtration system was inspired by the "Biosand Filter" design.  However, the goal here is not to produce drinking water quality, but clean enough so that the water coming from Pond 1 once it mixes with the water in Pond 2 will be suitable for crop irrigation and fish production

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Balsa Food Production System


Balsa Food Productionn System (side view)
Fig. 01. "Balsa" Food Productionn System (side view)

 The "Balsa" Food Production System is part of our "Ecological Intensification" initiative, i.e., how can you optimize the productivity of an ecosystem, even more than it already is?. It came to fruition during a brain storming to find what more could be done to make a water sequestration pond even more productive aside from its already very significant role to store water during the rainy season and then use the said water for use during the dry season, when "water is more precious than gold" or as added reserve during the height of drought when El Nino.arrives.

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Eugenio Magano Farm 01 (Cadu, Ilagan) EcoCulture Projects

 Eugenio-Magano Farm 01 (Cadu, Ilagan) EcoCulture Projects
Eugenio-Magano Farm 01 (Cadu, Ilagan) EcoCulture Projects.

There is a great chance that the cyclical El Niño may happen this year (2014) -- a period of prolonged hot weather and scarcity rain that would likely lead to devastating drought. The EcoCulture projects proposed here are intended for tropical countries like the Philippines -- with defined rainy season and dry season, occurrence of several typhoons each year -- to address the following key issues:

  1. How to store in place, most (if not all) of the rainwater during the rainy season, for use later during the dry season, and especially during prolonged drought during the advent of El Niño.
  2. How to mitigate the devastating impact of flash floods, as a result of heavy rains during typhoons (compounded by massive deforestation).
  3. How to mitigate the impact of strong winds that accompany typhoons and storms that visit the Philippines several times each year. 
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