Kalikasan Philippines

Earthworms at work

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Goats and the Goats' Hotel

Goats' Hotel
Goats' Hotel. I dubbed this as the Goats' Hotel because it looked like a very "luxurious" hut simply for goats. As it turned out, goats are sensitive to wet conditions, thus the elevated component of the multipurpose hut. It is still the dry season when the photo was taken, so the goats are still quite tolerant living outside; well away from their "hotel".

 The right hand part will be used to house chickens.

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Sketch and DENR Maps of Santo Tomas, Naguilian Farms

Early sketch map of the Santo Tomas Farms
Fig.01. Early sketch map and annotations of the Santo Tomas Farms prepared by Julius Apostol Buggay. 

 Sketch Map. The remote location of our experimental farms in Santo Tomas, Naguilian limits the ability of our volunteers to visit the farms for more detailed cartography. The land area covered isabout 10.8 hectares. The sketch map was prepared mainly to provide a more objective demarcation of the boundaries of the land purchased from the Pascual Family.

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