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Typhoon Juan (Megi)

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Santo Tomas, Naguilian

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Manayan Ricefields

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As far as the eye can see

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Malalam, Ilagan

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Towards the Creek

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Cadu, Ilagan Farm 03

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Pascual Farm

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Manayan Farms

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Somewhere only we know!

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Cadu Farm 03 Ricefields

Cadu Farm 03 Ricefields
Cadu Farm 03 Ricefields.  The adjacent ricefields outside of Cadu Farm 03 are about the same level as, or only at slight higher level than the ricefields in Cadu Farm 03.  In contrast, the background rolling hill is much higher than the rice field plots in Farm 03.

Cadu Farm 03 has a few small plots of ricefields, estimated to have an area between 200-500 SQM. The ricefiedd plots are located in the Southeastern portion of Farm 03. These Farm 03 ricefields is part of a larger area of ricefields, just outside the Eastern part of Farm 03.  Our preliminary evaluation indicates that the rice fields plots of Cadu Farm 03, while quite small in area, may play a key role in the rainwater sequestration projects to convert the existing Cadu Farms into more sustainable and biodiverse EcoCulture systems. 

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Enforcing a No Trespassing Policy

No Trespassing
No Trespassing.

A significant area of Cadu Farm 03 is wasted because it has been arrogated by the owners of the adjacent farms (on the Eastern side of Farm 03), as the "Right of Way" for their cattle.  As shown above, the barbed wire has been lifted to allow cattle to pass through the Southern part  to the Easter side of Farm 03 where the pasture lands are located.

Drastic measures are proposed here to enforce a No Trespassing Policy. More important, the solutions proposed serve also as integral part of the Water Sequestration, Treatment, Recycling and Conservation projects; and the Windbreaks and Forest Zone development to convert the existing Cadu Farms into more sustainable and biodiverse EcoCulture systems.

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Mandarin Orange Groves of Farm 03, Cadu, Ilagan

 Compared with the diverse terrains and biodiverse vegetation of the Santo Tomas, Naguilian farms, or, the mainly upland terrain of the Malalam farms, the Cadu farms are mainly low undulating rolling hills with more broad flat lands than the two other land ecosystems cited.  

However, at present, all the farm ecosystems we are planning to develop as EcoCulture farms are still essentially "monoculture" agriculture farm systems. That is, the same tract of land in each farm would be planted to either rice or corn, season after season. Mandarin Citrus Grove

Fig. 01. Mandarin Citrus Grove in the Southern portion of Farm 03. A few coconut trees have been planted along the barangay road.

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Young Mandarin Fruits in May - Cadu Farm 03

Young Mandarin fruits
"Young Mandarin fruits  in Farm 03, Cadu, Ilagan, Isabela owned by the Eugenio Magano family

The Mandarin groves in Farm 03 have not been actively cultivated the past six years. Like many farms in Isabela, it has been savaged by typhoons almost every year but the most devastating was Typhoon Juan (International name: Megi) in 2010, the only super typhoon in 2010 and one of the most devastating typhoons ever recorded in Luzon. Last year, it suffered another setback when Farm 03 caught fire destroying many Mandarin trees. In spite of all these tragedies, most of the Mandarin trees still survived, and some still bearing fruits in spite of the neglect.

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